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The holiday Season is approaching! All of us are looking forward to warm gatherings with our family and loved ones. Yet another year is almost gone, and what a year!

The expansion of the FCI Offices in Thuin, whose construction started in 2014, was inaugurated on March 20th, 2015. On this occasion, the statue of a Belgian Shepherd Dog casted by the Belgian artist Luc Deblick was offered to the city of Thuin to commemorate the city which has been hosting the FCI headquarters since 1954 and which was proclaimed the World Capital of Dogs in 2011.

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Rafael de Santiago
FCI President
Extraordinary meeting of the FCI Standards and Scientific Commissions
Thuin, November 5th

On November 5, 2015, the FCI Office was very happy to host an extraordinary meeting of the FCI Standards and Scientific Commissions. The meetings took place in a very friendly atmosphere with the contribution of the FCI President, Mr Rafael de Santiago.

The former two Presidents, Mrs Sporre-Willes (SE) and Dr Z. Trainin (IL) were awarded the official FCI pin for their highly appreciated contribution, first as members and then as Presidents for so many years.

The main points of the agenda were the election of the new Presidents and the transfer of all ongoing matters to the new leadership. More points were discussed, some of which were even already dealt with by the FCI General Committee.

We again want to thank and congratulate both R. Sporre-Willes and Dr Z. Trainin for their cooperation all over these years.

Y. De Clercq
FCI Executive Director