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The expansion of the FCI Offices in Thuin, whose construction started in 2014, was inaugurated on March 20th, 2015. On this occasion, the statue of a Belgian Shepherd Dog casted by the Belgian artist Luc Deblick was offered to the city of Thuin to commemorate the city which has been hosting the FCI headquarters since 1954 and which was proclaimed the World Capital of Dogs in 2011.

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Rafael de Santiago
FCI President
FCI President visits China Kennel Union
and China Small Animal Protection Association

The FEDERATION CYNOLOGIQUE INTERNATIONALE (FCI)’s President, Rafael de Santiago, paid an official visit to the China Kennel Union (CKU) and the China Small Animal Protection Association (CSAPA) on November 26, 2015 in Beijing, China.

FCI President De Santiago attended meeting with CKU chairman Chen Jinfei and other senior officials

Mr De Santiago had discussions about the preparation of the 2019 FCI World Dog Show in Shanghai, working dogs’ present situation in China, as well as the legislation on animal protection, including the draft proposal of the national Animal Protection Law (The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Law) with Chen Jinfei, Chairman of CKU and CSAPA, and senior officials from the Ministry of Public Security of China, and the China Working Dog Management Association.

Senior officials from Ministry of Public Security and China Working Dog Management Association

Despite the existence of wildlife protection laws in China, more and more people in China are concerned about the level of protection that animals receive in China. The draft animal protection law mainly outlines guidelines for disease prevention and medical care for animals. It covers wildlife, farm, companion, lab and other working animals. Once enacted, it will outlaw dogs and cats consumption. It will criminalise torture and indiscriminate killing of animals, feeding of zoo animals with live poultry and some circus performances.

CKU Chairman Chen Jinfei said “Over the past nine years with the promotion and relentless efforts of CKU, there has been a great improvement in dog welfare in China, and the numbers of officially registered dogs, members, breeders and dog shows have increased rapidly.”

Chen added that CKU has conducted 186 public welfare activities on dog rescue in more than 40 domestic cities over the past nine years. CKU and the China Small Animal Protection Association are working jointly on helping and saving stray dogs. In August 2014, CKU helped and kept 800 stray dogs of CSAPA, with a monthly expense of more than 30,000 Euros. In 2013, CKU made several donations to its stray dog shelter, which totaled up to 450,000 Euros. In the year of 2011, CKU participated in a campaign which saved more than 500 dogs which were supposed to be slaughtered.

Mr de Santiago said “Under the leadership of Mr Chen, I am impressed by the great efforts that CKU and CSAPA made in favour of the dogs and small animal welfare in China. The FCI will continue to fully support CKU and its preparation for the 2019 FCI World Dog Show in Shanghai. We are also very pleased to know that the Ministry of Public Security of China will start working with the Shanghai Customs for the dog’s entry-exit inspection and quarantine issues for the World Dog Show in Shanghai. We hope that CKU will report on more activities, campaigns and new developments to the whole world in the future to demonstrate that China is in favour of the welfare of dogs.”
On the same day, Mr de Santiago also inspected the stray dogs kept in the China Small Animal Protection Association and had a meeting with the Chairman of the Association, Mr Chen, and CSAPA’s senior officials in which the Association presented activities, campaigns and welfare achievements.

Howard Zhang
Public Relations Manager, China Kennel Union

FCI President R. de Santiago inspected stray dogs in CSAPA
Drug-sniffing skill show by stray dogs trained by CSAPA
FCI President R. de Santiago and CSAPA Chairman J. Chen with drug-sniffing dogs
FCI President R. de Santiago and CSAPA Chairman J. Chen with Association staff
FCI President R. de Santiago and CSAPA Chairman J. Chen with Association staff